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Majorca Mayhem

Heather Sellars at Cagliari ITUJackpoters were splattered to the seven winds this weekend and all raced under very different conditions.

Lets start with Mallorca 70.3…rain was forecast but no one expected the Turner-like deluge which flooded the latter part of the bike course.

Anyway, back to the beginning. Over 4000 athletes waited in cold temperatures for the rolling swim start on Saturday morning whilst even the beach started to flood. Jenni Muston found a spectator to moonboot-watch whilst she was able to swim and have said moonboots handed back to her on exit from the swim to enable her to get to the transition area. The swim was warm…but was also full of jellyfish! Athletes defrosted in the Med whilst spectators watched on like freezing penguins.

After a great swim and five stings, Jen exited the water to find it was still thrashing down with rain, popped on the mootboots and walked the 800m to transition. After a wait in transition and lathered in anti-jellyfish-sting-cream, Jen hopped onto the bike with a chum to keep her company during the relentless downpour.

After much nattering and 40 miles into the bike, Jen and chum came across another chum who was more than chilly. It was quickly obvious he was starting to go down with hyperthermia. After getting him to the side of the road and emergency services called, said frozen chum was put into ambulance, transport for his bike sorted and Jen & Co were on their way again to the soggy finish.  That ended the race for Jen as she’s still can not run with the injured foot. She still got her medal, t-shirt and finish photo shot and thoroughly enjoyed the day 🙂

All a bit different from the last two years which have seen temperatures hitting 40-degrees on the run.

Back in a scorching blighty, where temperatures touched 27-degrees in Sunny Yorkshire (yep, rubbing it in), Tim Ashelford opened his 2016 racing-account with a 4th in AG at the English Championships in St Neots. “Strange mix of very cold swim and hot run”, said Tim.

Ryan Parry Dragon SlayerFeeling at home, Jackpot’s Aussie contingent was racing the ELT Dragonslayer duathlon at the Lee Valley VeloPark (better known as Olympic Park).  Ryan Parry hit the race without tapering but still came a brilliant 6th overall.  The  race was held on the criterium race track which is very undulating and technical track.  Ryan even led from the gun until about five laps into the 15-lap bike.

And then over to Cagliari ITU World Cup sprint event where David Bishop smashed out a 9:34 swim and 16:25 run for 59:18 total and 38th position overall despite still recovering from a chronic injury. Heather Sellars (top) was also on-form for her first race of the year, putting in the day’s 10th best run in 18:04. An overall time of 01:06:01 gave Heather 15th place in the ladies race.  By all accounts the cycle leg on this course was a bit of a tester.

Hannah Drewett Challenge RiminiHannah Drewit was flying the jackpot flag in Challenge Rimini (clear, 20-degrees but windy) and boy did she fly the flag!  First out of the water, Hannah led the race for the first hour before being overtaken at 25k on the bike, and then held second until 60k.  Despite a hiccup with a lost timning-chip, Hannah recorded 5:05 for her first middle distance race.  Impressive start.

Last, but certainly not least, Jack Hall took an overall win at the snappily-named Peterborough Monster Racing Monster-Mojito Triathlon 2016. In Jack’s own words;

Sweet start to the season on a sweet day in Peterborough. I started a bit excited for this my first triathlon of the season and ended up drilling the 1500m swim and 40km bike. Not really worrying about the run as my mind-set for each stage was ‘Don’t worry about the pain its future Jack’s problem.’ When future Jack had reached the run he immediately regretted the decisions of past Jacks’. However, I managed to waddle around the 10km to take the win by over 5mins.

Podium and Potential

Jackpot Racing would like to congratulate some of their elite athletes on their recent news.

Adam Bowden has been confirmed on British Triathlon’s Podium Squad. That puts him alongside Alistair and Jonny in the race to Rio. Whilst Tom Bishop is on the Podium Potential Squad, breathing down their necks.

Its a similar story in the ladies, with both Lois Banks and Heather Sellars appearing on the Podium Potential Squad as well.

Well done guys and gals.

The Longest Weekend

OK, so chronologically inaccurate, but this was a weekend that (a) probably saw more Jackpoters racing than any other weekend and (b) a lot of them were going long.

Let’s start with the top achievements: Colin Hill and Eddie Howarth both raced in the 70.3 Ironman World Championships at Zell am See in Austria. For some reason the organisers set the athletes off at 11:30, making sure they’d be running in temperatures well into the 30’s.

Eddie was soon out of the water in just 25:43, closely followed by Colin in 27:31.  fantastic swim times from both.  That form followed the pair onto the bike, with Colin edging the honors this time in an amazing 2:27:19, with Eddie sniffing Colin’s wheels in 2:28:54.  Looking at equally awesome run times of 1:37 and 1:41 for Colin and Eddie respectively, it is difficult to imagine how much suffering will have been endured.  In Eddie’s words, ” all I did on the first half of the run was drink water and cool down. Very disappointing run time, every mile just hurt”.  The rest of us will take your ‘disappointing’ run anyway!

Eddie finished in 53rd position in AG and 383 overall. Colin, meanwhile, fulfilled a lifelong ambition by finishing in the Top 10; 10th place in AG and 272nd overall.

Back in the rather cooler climes of Yorkshire, Jackpot kit was very-much in view at The Rubicon middle distance race taking place at Newby Hall. testing the othe end of the clock, most athletes surfaced around 4:30 or 5:00 in order to be registered and racked for the briefing at 6:15.  Naturally that meant a chilly start for the river swim, and air temperature stayed on the cool side for the start of the bike.  By the time the run section came around, however, the mercury had risen just enough to make it uncomfortable.

alistair-rubicon-runThe results were rather confused with individuals turning to relays, others taking individual spots and a couple of drop-outs, plus the race (dis)organisers aren’t eactly reliable!  But attempting to unravel the situation… First home for JP was Ben Garrard, just 30 seconds ahead of  Alistair Cooke in a top time of just 4:29, with Francis Riley following in third at 5:01.  Frank will be very surprised since he only swam for Team Morley (see below). Matt Wilson will also be surprised to finish as fourth Jackpoter in 5:21 after (yet more) bike problems at the start and given his ‘love’ for running.

That surprise will come from knowing that both Matt Pears and Tom van Rossum were well ahead of him.  But both Matt and Tom decided to pull out on the run whilst in good positions in the race; Matt to avoid injury and Tom to keep his powder dry for the forthcoming Ironman Wales.

tom-rubicon-swimThere were two relay teams in the race. Tom Bishop put Team 1 into first position with the fastest swim of the day in just 25:36, before handing on to Chris Brown on the bike and Matt Hallam for the run.  The team came in at 4:07:53, losing out to a team of ringers by just 1:30.  What a shame, particularly when the Relay Prize was a water bottle and two out-of-date energy gels!

Team 2, better known as “Morley and Grandad Morley” were led off by the real Francis Riley, who handed over to Dave Morley and on to their own ringer from Wakey tri, Chris Gorse, finishing in  4:45:26.

Exhausted yet?  Well, no time to rest…

Back on the Continent, Richard Knell-Moore took on the longest event at full Ironman Vichy.  Again temperatures came into play…

richard-vichyAll was going well. Swim to a bit over plan, bike to plan allowing for a fair headwind and temperatures up at 36C in the shade. I read reports about the heat at this race but thought I’d prepared well with training specifically.
“First 10k of the run was going ok, good rhythm and right on pace.
“Then the heat caught up with me. Cramp began to set in and I suspect some sun stroke. Focus on keeping cool and keep moving. Descended into short run intervals before cramp kicked in again.
“Anyway, it became operation finish as my goal slipped away. A bit disappointed to have missed my goal and not bettered my previous result but hey ho.
“Thanks to the best support team I could wish for on the day who kept me going as it got tougher.”

tom-xterraAll this talk of heat is making me sweet, so let’s cool down again and get a bit muddy.  Tom Linton-Neal was racing the Xterra European Champs near Cranleigh.  In “More slippy than slippy” conditions, he took the National 20- 24 AG title and second in the European championships !! Maui next stop!


Andrew and Haseeb @ VitruvianNext stop…Rutland…and to the Vitruvian where Andrew Whiteley was in fine form again to guide the brilliant Haseeb Ahmad around the middle distance race.  It was Haseeb’s first middle distance…and what a tremendous race Haseeb and Andrew had.  Paced well on the swim and the bike to an awesome half marathon in a time of 1:33, finishing in 4:43 overall.  This put Haseeb 8th in his age group and 66th overall. This put Haseeb 8th in his age group and 66th overall.  An excellent day and superb photo to match!


Let’s hop across the pond again…almost feels like we are completing our own triathlon doesn’t it… to the Castle Series at Chantilly where Cat Jameson takes yet another win at the Olympic distance race!  FANTASTIC! Cat was over two minutes ahead of the next lady and was 7th athlete overall over the finish line. Just an outstanding season you are having Cat!

Salt and the Lake

Ben Garrard Lake StevensA short update this week, with only two Jackpoters racing. Is this another lull before the storm of the forthcoming relays? Perhaps.

Neither Ben Garrard nor Kathryn Dickinson were in Utah.  No, Ben took part in the Lake Stevens 70.3 which is in Washington and known as a gorgeous race venue and ideal for a family vacation, which is probably how Ben got it past the missus. He also got to meet a celebrity triathlete.  Can you spot him? Answer below*

Once freed from the petticoat strings, Ben put in an excellent day’s effort.  A 31:40 swim put him in 19th position in AG.  One scenic cycle and not a little effort later, Ben was up into 14th place with a 2:45 bike.  On to the run, Ben produced some consistent splits and even managed to negative split the latter stages for a 1:41 overall split, putting him in 16th AG and a decent 72nd overall!

Back in the UK, Kathryn was in action at the Salty Sea Dog triathlon (fresh from competing in her first Crit race during the week and finishing as first lady), starting on Boscombe Beach.  The, obvious, sea swim gives way to a bike course with a short but steep climb up the cliff.  The run, on the other hand, is pan flat along the prom.  That comfortable run (if running can ever be comfortable) is just what Kathryn’s poorly ankle required, allowing her to place 6th lady and 1st Junior – Whoop, whoop.

*Ben Bigglestone

Embrum Hautes-Alpes

Catherine Emma Jameson wins Embrun TriathlonTwo Jackpoters were using racing as an excuse for a relaxing holiday in France this week. Catherine Emma Jameson managed to haul herself out of bed to record yet another win – that’s four on the trott – despite not really being there to race in the first place!

And Tom Bishop put some good names behind him when he romped to fourth place overall [we’ll overlook you racing for Versaille Tri instead of Jackpot , Tom ;-)] ahead of Vincent Luis and Aurelien Raphael and featuring a sub-16 5k run.

Here’s Cath’s description of race day…

“This morning my alarm clock went off at 4:30am as I decided to race the Olympic distance event out here in Embrun. I’m actually mainly here to support Joel who is racing EmbrunMan, the crazily hard full distance race here on Saturday but I could not resist having a little hit out myself. The good news is that I raced hard and won, whoow.

“I actually surprised myself as I have just done three races on the trot and had ten days since my last race in which I travelled out to Annecy to fit in a hard, short training block. The race today was amazing in many ways. I lead right from the start which is always a bonus for me, even though I feel like I’m looking over my shoulder at times!

“The swim was pancake flat, the bike was ridiculously hilly and the run was really pretty round the lake. The best part of the race though was the amount of support out on the course. Where did all the people come from?! There were massive crowds lining the roads.. Literally packed in, even on the 16km climb out of Embrun.

embrun triatlon racking“It was so refreshing having people around and it definitely made me lift my game when everyone is cheering you on, in French of course. It was a fun morning and I’m sure I’ll do again even if it’s just so I can rack my bike in a crazy way (see picture).. Only in France! I can now relax a little for a day or so and help Joel out preparing for the big one!”